Products Catalogue

Electrical Power Systems

Power Generation
JE60020Dynamo (for Bicycle)
JE60030Laboratory Hydroelectric Power Station Trainer
JE6050110kW Generator Sets & Synchronizing Board w. Fault Simulators
JE605032 x 7.5kVA Generator Sets with Basic Synchronizing Simulator
JE60630Diesel Generator Set TP 30kVA
JE60660Diesel Generator Set TP 60kVA
JE606100Diesel Generator Set TP 100kVA
JE606125Diesel Generator Set TP 125kVA
JE60130Automatic/Manual Synchronizing Board 300A
JE60140Automatic / Manual Synchronizing Board 400A
JE60160Generator Control and Automatic/Manual Synchronizing Board 600A
JE60240Manual Synchronizing Board 400A
JE60330Automatic Main Failure (AMF) Board 300A
JE60360Automatic Main Failure (AMF) Board 600A
Power Distribution
JE62008Feeder Pillar 800A, 415V, TP Indoor Type
JE62016Feeder Pillar 1600A, 415V, TP Indoor Type
JE62116Feeder Pillar 1600A, 415V, TP Outdoor Type
JE60512LV Main Switchboard
JE63040Main Switchboard 400A
JE63080Main Switchboard 800A
JE63100Main Switchboard 1000A (Shunt Trip)
JE63101Main Switchboard 1000A (Under Voltage)
JE63521LV Main Switchboard 150A
JE63571LV Main Switchboard 300A
JE63601LV Main Switchboard 600A
JE63572LV Main Switchboard Double Feeder 300A
JE63621LV Main Switchboard Double Feeder 800A
JE63651LV Main Switchboard Double Feeder 1000A
JE64201LV Main Switchboard Double Feeder 1200A
JE67361Consumer Distribution Board 60A
JE67400Distribution Board 100A, TPN
Power Protection
JE65111Switchboard Demonstrator 100A
JE65251Switchboard Demonstrator 250A
JE65601Switchboard Demonstrator 600A
Power Utilization
JE69282Consumer CT Metering Board
JE69420Automatic Power Factor Correction Unit 20A