This training module is specially developed for use in educational as teaching system for logic in particular industrial applications. This module is very versatile. It can cater for hands-on experience
in assembly, testing and commissioning from simple to complex programs. This module consists of a controller of LOGO!, switches and additional application output such as bulbs and fan. This LOGO! System is the ideal controller for simple automation tasks in industry and building services. This logic module features maximum user friendliness and satisfies nearly every functional requirement with high speed precision, efficient instructions and memory design. It also has a switching and controlling in transport facilities, residential and commercial building services and unique applications such as marine, harsh environments and solar-electric systems.


  • Control Functions
  • Power Supply
  • Ready-to-use functions that are often required in day-to-day operation, such as functions for on/off delays and current impulse relays
  • Time switch
  • Binary markers
  • Inputs and outputs according to the device type.


  • 1x Controller Panel (JE94030)
  • 1x LOGO!
  • 8x Toggle Switch
  • 8x Input Safety Socket
  • 8x Output Safety Socket
  • 6x Power Safety Socket
  • 1x Meter Panel (JE94032)
  • 1x Voltmeter
  • 1x Ammeter
  • 4x Safety Socket
  • 1x Application Panel (JE94031)
  • 1x Fluorescent Lamp
  • 1x Fan
  • 1x Buzzer
  • 1x Light Bulb
  • 6x Power Safety Socket
  • 8x Safety Socket
  • 1x Panel Frame
  • 1x Set of connecting leads
  • 1x Instruction / Operation Manual