Electrical & Electronic Engineering



Electrical & Electronic Fundamentals Technology

This training kit is developed for use in educational electrical & electronic laboratories as a teaching system for basic electricity and electronics, in particular electronic for industrial applications. Extremely versatile plug-in system caters for hands on experience in construction and testing from simple to complex circuits.

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Automotive Technology

The Car Air-Conditioning Trainer allows student to understand the principles of a compressor cycle.

Product Features

The sectioned engines are specially design and developed to fit the training needs of technical institutes and colleges. It is a useful demonstration aids that can be used in an automotive classroom.

Electrical Machine & Control Technology

Educational Transformers are designed and constructed for use in educational laboratory providing various types of single phase and three phase transformer connections and experiments. These are our most versatile range of equipment for transformer education and demonstration.


Electrical Power System

The Electrical Power Training Systems are primarily used to provide industrial orientated training facilities for the training in generation, distribution, protection and utilization of electrical energy. It consists of actual life-size industrial switchboards and equipment specially adapted for training purposes.