This portable unit is specially designed and constructed for use in educational laboratory to provide
continuously variable AC/DC 50V or 250V power supplies for testing and experimental purposes.

Input: 240VAC, 13A, Single Phase, 50Hz
Outputs: 0-250V, 5A or 0-50V, 1A AC/DC. AC or DC output is
selected via AC / OFF/ DC and 250V / OFF /50V change-
over switches

Controls and Protection

  • 1 x Mains illuminated ON/OFF switch
  • 1 x AC/OFF/DC change-over switch
  • 1 x Selector switch for 50V/250V
  • 1 x Variable transformer
  • 1 x Ammeter 0 – 5A, AC/DC
  • 1 x Voltmeter 0 – 300V, AC/DC
  • 2 x Panel fuse
  • 1 x Ratio transformer
  • 1 x Bridge rectifier
  • 3 x Safety 4mm terminal sockets

Type : Portable unit c/w carrying handle
Console : Heavy sheet steel enclosure
Finishing : Baked epoxy powder
Marking : Engraved or screen-printed
Dimension : 260W x 270H x 300D in mm

1 x Instruction / Operation Manual

1 x Input cable c/w 3 pin plug top